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Seminar Booklet- Public Private Partnerships: Building on Early Lessons (PDF, 9.55 MB)


Booklet Public Private Partnerships in the Caribbean Building on Early Lessons cover Page 001 265x360 Economics & Statistics

Seminar Booklet- New Paradigm for Caribbean Development:  Transitioning to a Green Economy (PDF, 11.9 MB)

Booklet A New Paradigm for Caribbean Development Transitioning to a Green Economy cover 278x360 Economics & Statistics

Seminar Booklet- Public Debt in the Caribbean: An Agenda for Reduction and Sustainability (PDF, 17.3 MB)

Public Debt in the Caribbean An Agenda for Reduction and Sustainabilitycover 342x450 Economics & Statistics


 Annual Economic Reviews

The Annual Economic Review was prepared by the Economics Department of the Caribbean Development Bank to provide socio-economic data about each of CDB’s Borrowing Member Countries. The publication was discontinued in 2008, with all socio-economic data encompassed within in the Bank’s Annual Reports.

For further information about the statistics published here please contact the Economics Department at + (246) 431-1600.

A Review of Caribbean Economies

Below are exerts from CDB Annual Report’s dated 2008 to 2011 focussing on the Caribbean economies in a given year.