The CDRR Fund will provide grants on a competitive basis to eligible applicant organisations, based in, belonging to, or partnering with, the vulnerable communities.

The CDRR Fund will publish requests for proposals (RFPs) each year from July 2013 to January 2017, or until grant funds are depleted.

Organisations may respond to an RFP by submitting a Concept Note to the CDRR Fund via email or post. Concept Notes must be submitted in the standard format provided by the CDRR Fund.

Concept Notes will be screened for eligibility, completeness, and project feasibility. The CDRR Fund will provide each applicant with feedback from the screening process, to help them to strengthen and resubmit their project proposals. Eligible applicants that submit eligible Concept Notes will be invited to prepare and submit a full proposal or Project Application Document (PAD).

PADs will be screened for eligibility, completeness, and quality before being submitted to the CDRR Fund’s Project Technical Review Committee (PTRC) for appraisal.  If PADs are successful in passing this stage, the CDRR Fund will conduct on-the-ground appraisals in applicant communities to ensure feasibility of the proposals and strengthen the PADs. The revised PADs will then go to the CDB’s Loans Committee which makes the final decision on which projects will be granted funding.

Application Documents