The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is committed to improving access to information in relation to its mission and activities, and in support of its role, function and purpose of contributing to the harmonious economic growth and development of the Bank’s member countries in the Region and promoting economic cooperation and integration among them.


CDB’sInformation Disclosure Policy(IDP) supports its commitment to increasing the transparency of its operations, and to meet a growing public interest in its activities.

The Policy provides CDB with a framework within which the wide range of information collected and generated about its activities and projects in support of development programming can be disclosed. CDB recognises that as a custodian of public funds, transparency of operations facilitates public oversight of Bank-supported operations and enhances good governance, accountability and development effectiveness.


The IDP is built on five guiding principles.

  1. Maximising Access to Information
  2. Setting out a Clear List of Exceptions
  3. Safeguarding the Deliberative Process
  4. Providing Clear Procedures for Making Information Available to the Public
  5. Recognising Requesters’ Right to an Appeal Process