The Caribbean Development Bank invests in the economic and social development of its Borrowing Member Countries. These investments, geared towards poverty reduction, span sectors such as agriculture and rural development, energy, and water and sanitation.

Our Work Projects

Sectors & Themes


CDB views education as a critical enabler of social and economic development.




CDB contributes to regional development through agriculture and related activities such as agro-processing.


Disaster prevention and preparedness

The Bank invests in building the Region’s resilience to disaster events and climate change impacts.


Water and sanitation

CDB recognises that investing in water and sanitation is critical to the economic and social development of the Caribbean.

Programmes Overview

The Bank has a number of programmes through which it serves its Borrowing Member Countries. The programmes provide technical assistance and grant funding, among other things, and in some cases, are funded in partnership with other development agencies.

children in school uniforms

Basic Needs Trust Fund

People cultivating vegetables

Community Disaster Risk Reduction Fund

bee hives

Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services

car on highway

United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIF)

Evaluation Reports

Evaluation is a necessary part of strong and effective governance and knowledge management, both of which are essential for learning, institutional development, accountability and policy-making.