Many of the Bank’s Borrowing Member Countries are classified as water-scarce or water-stressed. These countries continue to tackle high levels of inadequate tariffs, aging infrastructure and insufficient capital investment, water losses and poor regulatory and institutional arrangements for effective integrated water resource management.
Also, some communities across the Caribbean lack adequate sanitation services and facilities, which makes them vulnerable to diseases and other negative impacts of inadequate waste disposal and sewerage systems.
These challenges are exacerbated by risks associated with climate change.
CDB invests in expanding and improving access to safe water and sanitation for communities across the Caribbean. This includes:
·       installing or upgrading water lines,
·       providing households with access to clean water supply and improved sanitation, and
·       investing in projects that implement new technologies to promote reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from solid waste, water and wastewater treatment systems.

Children drinking water

Focus Areas

Water supply
Waste management and disposal
Education and training in water supply and sanitation




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