Call for Participants - Visual Arts Biennial Accelerator

CDB's Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF) in collaboration with our accelerator partner Animae Caribe is seeking applications from visual artists to participate in I.C.E Caribbean (Incubator for Collaborative Expression), the first edition of a regional Visual Arts Biennial that will take place in Nassau, The Bahamas. This experimental, cutting edge approach highlights the transversal nature of the arts and brings visual arts into discussion with environmental sustainability among other areas. This first phase of “STATELESS” proposes a virtual community that will create together across thematic, cultural, disciplinary and class boundaries with the resulting output of an online interactive exhibition, artist talks and workshops. It will also facilitate the growing trend in contemporary art as the visual arts intersects with science, technology, and engineering. Climate migration has become a feature of Caribbean existence as natural disasters and the science of climate change impacts our shores. With the forced migration of people from their homes due to the global phenomenon of natural disasters, the world now faces an unprecedented experience of the century: life with and after Covid-19, which exacerbates the issue of statelessness.

Under the theme “STATELESS” emphasis will be on islands shaping their own story as not only victims of climate change, migration and the impacts of Covid-19 but champions of climate leadership and community building.

Application - To participate in this programme, interested applicants are asked to complete the online application form by 11:59pm AST on March 8, 2021. In addition to standard application information, the first phase of the application process will only require submission of a proposal concept note with no more than 300 words.