Anguilla Gets Funds from CDB for Improving Quality and Effectiveness of Post-Secondary Education

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A project in Anguilla, which will be financed with funds totalling USD3.305 million from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), will lead to the expansion of access to post-secondary and tertiary education as well encourage girls to take an interest in non-traditional curriculum areas. Under this project, CDB will provide a loan of USD3.215 million for the Construction of a facility to accommodate the Anguilla Community College. The loan will also provide for the enhancement of the instructional and management capacity of the college, and for the improvement of the quality and relevance of the programme offerings. The Bank is also providing a technical assistance grant of USD90, 000 to assist with the financing of a citizens' security intervention for at-risk unemployed youth, and the gender equality project which encourages the participation of girls in Technical and Vocational Education and Training. The technical assistance support incorporates the CDB's cross-cutting themes of gender equality, as well as that of Citizen Security.

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