In Belize, Lifelong Learning for All through Early Childhood Education Project

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Under its seventh cycle, the Caribbean Development Bank' Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) has committed to providing funding to expand the Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Pre-School in the northern district of Corozal, Belize. CDB will provide grant funding of USD 571,500 for the expansion, the Government of Belize, USD 12,700 and the beneficiary school, USD 17,300. In addition to improving the learning environment for the community' pre-schoolers, the sub-project provides training for teachers in Early Childhood Education. CDB, through BNTF, invested USD 8,600 in the learning programme. The cohort of teachers who recently completed Early Childhood Education training in Belize. Last month at a ceremony in Corozal, 15 teaching professionals received certificates for having successfully completed the training. The early childhood educators now have the skills and knowledge they need to prepare three and four year olds in Corozal for a journey of lifelong learning. During the seven-week programme, teachers explored topics including Early childhood education and its importance; Child development; Learning through play; Discipline; and Developing and setting up a pre-school centre. During the training, teachers learned how to develop and setup a pre-school centre. The training was administered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Corozal District Education Centre. The sub-project is part of the Belize country project under the seventh cycle of BNTF, which focuses on reducing poverty and vulnerability by enhancing access to basic social and economic infrastructure and human resource development services. BNTF' total investment in Belize' country project is USD5.1 million. The Government of Belize has committed USD267,000.

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