CDB and BSIF hosts procurement workshop for key stakeholders involved in the implementation of CDB funded projects

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Contractors and Consultants, who provide services to the Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF) under the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), the Youth and Community Transformation (YCT) project and the Social Investment Fund Loan II (SIF Loan II) of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), are participating in a four-day training workshop designed to address good procurement practice, contract management and accountability which commenced December 2, 2014 at the George Price Center, Belmopan. Some 60 service providers and BSIF staff are attending the event, which is led by CDB's Head of Procurement, Mr. Douglas Fraser. The workshop aims to provide participants with a deeper understanding of CDB's procurement guidelines, as well as broader areas of supervision of projects and sub-projects implemented by BSIF and other stakeholders. The BNTF Programme which began 35 years ago is a regional grant-funded poverty reduction programme managed by CDB which serves 10 countries. Its mission is to empower and equip communities with necessary resources, and improve their access to basic public services. Additionally, BNTF also directly targets youth-at-risk and promotes gender equality, environmental and disaster risk management, and maintenance and sustainability. Since implementation started in Belize in 1996, the BNTF programme, implemented by BSIF, has seen the execution of sub-projects in the areas of vulnerable groups; health; education; water and sanitation; and the Construction of production-related infrastructure. Similarly, the SIF Loan II finances improvements in living conditions in poor communities. The YCT implemented by the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation focuses on the enhancement of basic literacy and numeracy skills, adaptive life skills and employability, as well as community support activities for children, youth and families; and community infrastructure development. Consulting engineering firms which are engaged by BSIF and other bodies to help execute these interventions are expected to promote and practice true and open competition in procurement. CDB stresses conformity to transparency and integrity in tendering and contract award, and the proper use of grants and other funds. Executive Director of BSIF, Mr. William Lamb Jr. said that Belize will continue to benefit significantly from these programmes since the overall objectives involve improvements in the human resource base of at-risk out-of-school youths; the promotion and strengthening of community organisations. They also targets improvements in the responsiveness and efficiency of development strategies. CAPTION: The workshop provides contractors and consultants with the opportunity to receive clarification on CDB's procurement process.

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