CDB steps up measures to make gender equality a reality in the Caribbean

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The Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has this week approved the Bank’s new Gender Equality Action Plan 2020-2024 to deepen its work on gender equality in Borrowing Member Countries and in the institution.

Building on its investment in gender equality during the last decade, CDB is stepping up its gender responsiveness. The Bank sets indicators to ensure that all projects reflect gender equality as a distinct development target.

“There is a close link between gender equality and socio-economic growth. Gender inequality poses risks to productivity and threatens investment opportunities. CDB will closely monitor the progress made towards achieving the transformative gender target in Bank-financed projects,” said CDB Vice-President (Operations), Monica La Bennett.

Given persistent gender inequalities in the Caribbean Region, the Bank will provide support to government ministries and external partners to create the conditions for achieving agreed targets. Working more through its partners in the countries, CDB plans to increase advocacy, training, and awareness raising efforts.

“We need a collective effort of governments and our development partners to make the difference. CDB stands ready to help partners in this Region to become more gender responsive and to be able to access funding from Bank. We, at CDB, are serious about our contribution towards making gender justice a reality in the Caribbean,” highlighted La Bennett.

CDB’s action plan also calls for measures and structures to boost gender equality internally. All levels of management will be responsible for achieving the gender equality targets, while Bank Staff with the remit for gender and social development will undergird the institutional structure and provide support in gender activities across the institution.

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