MFDR Workshops

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February 8, 2010No. 3/10-G NEWS RELEASE CDB Hosts Workshops on Management for Development Results The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), will host national workshops on Management for Development Results in the ten participating member countries of its Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) Programme. These workshops will assist the BNTF Office staff and key stakeholders in applying their training on Management for Development Results to proposed BNTF sub-projects. The first national workshop in Guyana has already been conducted. CDB has already hosted two regional workshops; one in Guyana from January 19 to 22, 2010, and another in St. Kitts and Nevis from February 2-5, 2010. The workshops brought together key stakeholders of the BNTF Programme, comprising Project Managers and Community Liaison Officers from BNTF National Offices and representatives from the Project Steering Committees, collaborating government ministries and sectors. The objectives of the workshops were to:· Improve participants' skills in conceptualizing and designing development projects, including the monitoring process;· Emphasize the importance of designing quality projects that respond to the priorities of countries, communities and CDB to obtain results;· Present and seek participants' agreement on the revised system for monitoring and reporting;· To clarify roles, responsibilities of stakeholders in conducting the monitoring and reporting on results. The BNTF is CDB's flagship poverty reduction programme, which provides financing for community-driven projects.

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