Promoting energy conservation in Eastern Caribbean households

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A video series produced with funding from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), has been promoting energy efficiency and energy conservation in the Eastern Caribbean. The educational video series was created as part of the Sustainable Energy Technical Assistance (SETA) Project. The USD2 million Project, approved in 2011, was funded through a grant of USD1.5 million from CDB to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission, which contributed USD 500,000. It complements ongoing initiatives towards establishing a clearer path to a more sustainable energy future in the sub-region. Now, the Commission is gearing up to put the OECS Power Savers video spots into rotation again, ramping up energy efficiency and energy conservation public awareness efforts in the sub-region. Plans are afoot to rebroadcast the videos on local stations across the Eastern Caribbean, and to make them available as educational tools in schools. The series first launched at the end of November 2013. Watch below and be sure to share. The SETA Project was designed to provide the guiding framework and create an enabling environment to support the efficient and sustainable production and use of energy in the countries. It also focussed on helping OECS countries employ holistic approaches to energy management, in support of OECS' objective of integrating economies, and coordinating and harmonising Member Countries' policies. Learn more about the OECS Power Savers initiative

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