Residents of Belize's western district welcome new preschool facilities

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Access to quality preschool education is no longer simply a dream, but a reality for parents and guardians of children in the San Ignacio/ Santa Elena area in Belize. On December 5, 2014, the Government of Belize officially opened the Arms of Love Preschool in Kontiki to serve residents of the Kontiki, San Ignacio and Santa Elena areas. The newly built school which will cater to approximately 38 students, boasts of an open classroom area, students' bathroom facilities, teachers' lavatory facilities, storage space, a kitchenette and an access ramp. Constructed at a total cost of USD133,136 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank's Community Investment Programme, the project was implemented by the Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF). The project complements the Government of Belize's poverty-reduction strategy, particularly its efforts to provide access to basic educational facilities across Belize. CAPTION: The children were very happy with their new facilities.

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