Grenada – Disaster Mitigation and Restoration- Rockfall and Landslip (2014)
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Since the early 1970s, landslides have presented a direct safety hazard to persons living in affected areas or using the major roads along Grenada’s coasts and have posed a threat to the coastal road infrastructure. Three of the major roads in Grenada that form the arteries of the Strategic Highway Network are the Western Main Road; the Eastern Main Road; and the Grand Etang Road. Damage on these roads resulting from hurricanes Ivan and Emily had increased the risk factor (to medium and high) for many of the vulnerable sites where road collapse from landslides and erosion was imminent and posed considerable risk to human life, private and public property, natural assets, economic production, and communication and transportation infrastructure. Given the vital role of the road network and the major impact and disruption caused to the economy and society, GOGR decided to assess and address the risks and vulnerability of 42 sites.