Country Engagement Strategy 2022-26 Grenada
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The attached Country Engagement Strategy (CES) sets out the strategic direction for the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) engagement with the Government of Grenada (GOGR) over the period 2022˗26. The CES is guided by the overarching objectives of GOGR’s high-level National Sustainable Development Plan 2020-2035 (NSDP) for delivering sustainable economic, social, and environmental progress for all. The NSDP’s strategic vision “to build a resilient and prosperous nation, with a conscious and caring citizenry, promoting human dignity”, is being implemented through a series of three-year Medium-term Action Plans that prioritises interventions (projects and programmes) that are appropriately sequenced with a view to achieving GOGR’s desired national goals and outcomes that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. Through this strategic framework, the CES seeks to support the implementation of GOGR’s development agenda over the country strategy period, inclusive of its efforts to address continuing needs arising from the Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic and to sustain a resilient recovery