Country Strategy Paper- Grenada 2014-2018
Text-based document cover for Grenada's Country Strategy Paper 2014-2018
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Country Strategy Paper outlines the assistance strategy of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for Grenada over the period 2014-18.  In preparing the CSP, discussions were held with public and private sector officials in Grenada, as well as the country’s development partners.

The Government of Grenada (GOGR) has embarked on a comprehensive programme to achieve fiscal sustainability and restore growth.  The programme is supported by Grenada’s development partners, and includes strong fiscal adjustment measures and reforms to enhance public sector efficiency and facilitate private sector development.  CDB’s strategy is intended to support this process and complement the support of other development partners.  

Table of contents

Country Data Sheet

Executive Summary

  1. Country Context
  2. Caribbean Development Bank's Country Strategy (2014-18)
  3. Strategy Implementation and Results Framework
  4. Risk Assessment and Mitigation