Country Strategy Paper- Jamaica 2017-2021
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This Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Jamaica covers the period 2017-2021, replacing the 2014˗16 CSP. It sets out the strategic direction for the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) collaboration with Jamaica over the strategy period and defines the parameters of support. The proposed Country Strategy responds to Jamaica’s development priorities and is aligned with CDB’s Strategic Objectives of: (a) supporting inclusive and sustainable growth and development; and (b) promoting good governance, as well as CDB’s cross-cutting objectives of gender equality (GE), regional cooperation and integration (RCI), and energy security.


Table of contents

Country Data

Executive Summary

  1. Country Context
  2. Key Development Priorities
  3. Caribbean Development Bank in the Country
  4. Caribbean Development Bank's Country Strategy
  5. Risks Analysis and Mitigation