Country Strategy Paper- Trinidad and Tobago 2017-2021
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The Country Strategy Paper outlines the assistance strategy of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for Trinidad and Tobago over the period 2017-2021.  It sets out the strategic direction for CDB’s engagement and defines the parameters of its support.  In developing the Country Strategy, CDB held extensive discussions with key government officials, as well as other stakeholders and development partners, in an effort to promote country ownership of the proposed programme of assistance.  The proposed Country Strategy therefore responds to Trinidad and Tobago’s development priorities and it seeks to maximise CDB’s comparative advantage and optimise development effectiveness and impact through selective and focussed support.  The proposed programme of assistance is designed to prioritise CDB’s additionality through technical assistance, institutional strengthening, capacity building and knowledge creation. 

Table of contents

Country Data: Trinidad and Tobago
Executive Summary
1.    Country Context
2.    Key Development Priorities
3.    Country Portfolio, Review of Country Strategy 2011-14 and Lessons Learnt
4.    Caribbean Development Bank's Assistance Strategy, 2017-2021