Savanna-La-Mar: Community Profile and Livelihood Baseline Assessment

In 2019, the Livelihood Based Assessment (LBA) and Contingency Planning approach was applied in Jamaica to provide pre-disaster livelihood information for five of the communities being supported through community projects funded by the Community Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (CDRRF) of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

This report presents the information that was collected for the LBA exercise done in Savanna La Mar, Westmoreland.


Savanna-la-mar, the capital town for the parish of Westmoreland has an estimated population of 13,930 individuals occupying 3,980 households. The average household size was 3.5 persons. 

In terms of the distribution of the population by gender, females outnumbered their male counterparts, accounting for 51.9% of the overall total population. 

Savanna-la-mar has a young population; the average age was 30 years. Approximately forty-six percent (46.3%) of the community’s population was 24 years or younger. Children (0-14 years) accounted for 28.5% of the population and youths (15-24 years) for 17.8%.

The age composition of the population shows that 63.8% of the population was of working age (15-64 years). This cohort consisted of 29.4% males and 34.4% females.