Integrating Gender Equality into the Energy Sector
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This Technical Guidance Note (TGN) is part of a series of documents on integrating gender equality into the sector operations of Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The Notes identify key issues which lead to, and reinforce gender inequality, and propose possible solutions for addressing them.

This specific TGN focuses on the energy sector. Access to energy services is critical to lifting persons out of poverty. However, there are still some parts of the Caribbean where energy service access is limited for both women and men, including the more remote areas of Haiti, Guyana, Belize, Suriname and Jamaica. High energy costs and prohibitive connection fees also pose a further barrier in accessing energy services. However, off-grid renewable energy technologies, e.g. solar photovoltaic with battery storage, have improved opportunities for provision of access in remote communities.

The expectation is that the TGN will assist the relevant field officers, technical specialists and decision-makers in effectively infusing gender equality into the Region’s energy sector going forward.


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