Integrating Gender Equality into Public-Private Sector Partnerships
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This Technical Guidance Note (TGN) is part of a series of documents on integrating gender equality into the sector operations of Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The Notes identify key issues which lead to, and reinforce gender inequality, and propose possible solutions for addressing them.

This specific TGN Summary focuses on Public-Private Sector Arrangements
(PPPs). PPPs are defined as long term contracts between public sector agencies and private sector companies for the delivery of public assets and services.

While PPPs exist in a wide range of sectors, they focus mainly on larger scale infrastructure projects in areas such as transport, energy and water, leading to improvement in the availability and quality of infrastructure and services. These projects also provide a wide range of employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labour.

As a result, the inclusion of a gender perspective is critical at all stages of the PPP project cycle to ensure the initiatives contribute to gender equality, as it relates to both access to jobs and contracts as well as access to the services resulting from PPP projects.