Strengthening and Sustaining the BNTF Results Oriented Monitoring System – Phase 2 Report
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The Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) results-based monitoring and evaluation system aims to contribute to improved project performance, and is part of the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) accountability framework. The BNTF results-based monitoring and evaluation system comprises six components: (i) a sub-project and project results framework; (ii) a sub-project monitoring report system (SPMR); (iii) a sub-project completion reporting (SPCR) system; (iv) completion of annual (country) project monitoring report; (v) a mid-term evaluation (MTE) of each BNTF cycle; and (vi) the final evaluation of each BNTF cycle. Findings of the MTE of BNTF 61 suggested that the sub project monitoring system required further support to improve implementation. The MTE found that despite the design of a results-based monitoring instrument to collect data on implementation progress and planned outcomes of Sub Projects (SPs) and the training of BNTF Office (BNTFO) staff to implement the system, only a very low percentage of SPMRs were completed.