Building Resilient Prosperity in the Caribbean: UKCIF's Impact

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The United Kingdom (UK) and the Caribbean Development Bank are partnering to create a resilient and prosperous future for the Caribbean through the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund (UKCIF). This video, presented at the SIDS conference, showcases the transformative impact of high-quality, climate-resilient infrastructure projects supported by UKCIF across the region.

  • Energy Resilience in Barbuda: Building back better with vital energy infrastructure.
  • Modern Roads in Belize: Transforming 59 kilometers of gravel road into a climate-resilient corridor.
  • Agricultural Development in Jamaica: Enhancing livelihoods and fostering resilience for local farmers.

With £350 million in grant funding from the UK and US$300 million in CDB loans, UKCIF is enhancing climate resilience, boosting economic growth, reducing poverty, and promoting inclusion and equality across the Caribbean.

Watch the video to learn more about how UKCIF is making a difference in the Caribbean.