The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has an excellent opportunity for a Chief Policy Analyst (CPA). The successful candidate will be based at CDB’s headquarters in St. Michael, Barbados.

The CPA coordinates and monitors and aligns the policies, strategies, plans and programmes of the Bank’s development agenda with the commitments given to the Board of Directors (BOD) and Contributors to the Bank’s SDF.  The CPA must be capable of providing high-level technical inputs both as a participant and as coordinator of multi-disciplinary teams of managers and officers that prepare and review these instruments regularly.

The CPA assists the Deputy Director, CSD (DD,CSD) with developing and coordinating the strategic planning process which leads to the production of the Bank’s Strategic Plan every four (4) years.  The CPA also engages in the development and tracking of performance initiatives that support the implementation of the strategic plan.

 The CPA plays a key role in coordinating the annual meetings of the SDF Contributors and the negotiations for replenishment of SDF at the end of each cycle.  The CPA also supports the monitoring and reporting of key milestones achieved by the Bank in each SDF programme and works closely with the Chief Results and Portfolio Analyst (CRPA) to report on the overall performance of CDB based on agreed metrics, compliance with MfDR principles, and CDB’s value-for-money (VFM) agenda.