CDB and IDB Group to boost cooperation and improve lives of Caribbean people

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CDB President Smith (left) speaking, IDB President Moreno (up right), IDB Invest CEO Scriven (down right)

The Presidents of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Chief Executive Officer of IDB Invest have today signed a mutual cooperation agreement. The new agreement between the IDB Group and CDB support economic development and integration of the Caribbean community and common market.

“Today’s signing ceremony is a re-affirmation of CDB and IDB’s shared commitment to the sustainable growth and development of the Caribbean Region. It signals that we have reached another milestone in over four decades of collaboration between our two institutions. With the widening of our agreement to include IDB Invest, we are also expanding the opportunities for the regional private sector to play an even bigger and more meaningful role in improving the lives and well-being of Caribbean people,” said CDB President Dr. Wm Warren Smith.

The new agreement sets out how CDB, IDB, and IDB Invest will cooperate in the financing or co-financing of projects, in order to build social, economic and environment reliance in the Region, to further inclusion and equality, and to enhance good governance and innovation. The agreement includes joint financial and advisory services and building capacity and training.

“This agreement will help the Caribbean region at a critical time, when countries face enormous challenges to transform their post-pandemic economies in order to become more sustainable and more resilient to natural disasters, and more capable of harnessing the creative energies of their people,” said IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno.

The boosted cooperation between CDB and the IDB Group replaces a cooperation agreement from 1977 and will facilitate CDB and IDB Invest’s joint promotion of public-private partnerships.

“The private sector can play a catalytic role in transforming the Caribbean for a more sustainable tomorrow. IDB Invest has placed more local staff in common member countries and made available more financial products and services than ever before, highlighting our commitment to provide solutions and technical excellence in the Caribbean. This CDB partnership only strengthens our relationship and ability to support the private sector and reignite growth,” said IDB Invest Chief Executive Officer James P. Scriven.

By harmonising policies and procedures for the procurement of goods, works, and services, the new agreement also increases efficiency gains to be passed on to project beneficiaries, in the form of reduced transaction costs.

The agreement was signed at a virtual ceremony, connecting CDB and IDB headquarters in Barbados and Washington D.C. by videoconference.

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