CDB approves grant to improve climate resilience, disaster risk management in Ile-à-Vache, Haiti

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The Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a grant of USD5.5 million to the Government of Haiti to improve climate resilience and disaster risk management on Ile-à-Vache, an island off the country’s southern peninsula.  

“Reducing disaster and climate risks and enhancing resilience of the local population are crucial to ensuring that social, economic and environmental development gains are able to take root in Haiti. This project responds to those critical needs,” said Daniel Best, Director of Projects, CDB.

Ile-à-Vache, which has five main villages and a population of 15,000, is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of tropical storms and hurricanes. The fragile land and marine resource base are showing signs of increasing environmental degradation from recurring floods and storms. Also, climate change related impacts are expected to further which exacerbate the degradation of the island’s fresh water resources as well as the coastal ecosystem, which provides a source of income for many residents, as well as protection to coastal communities.

The technical assistance grant will improve the capacity of the central government, local authorities and communities to plan for climate resilience and disaster risk management on Ile-à-Vache. This will include the formulation of a disaster risk management-climate change adaptation plan; a climate-resilient spatial plan; an early warning system; and a public education and awareness programme.

The project is also expected to enhance the Government of Haiti’s capacity to implement viable and sustainable fisheries and other livelihoods opportunities; improve access to potable water and provide information for effective water resources management and increase access to efficient, affordable electricity for households, businesses and public administrative services through the design and construction of a pilot mini-grid system.

A portion of the grant – USD 896,000 – will come from resources provided to CDB under the African Caribbean Pacific-European Union-CDB-Natural Disaster Risk Management in CARIFORUM Countries Contribution Agreement.

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