CDB assisting Suriname to improve its water supply facilities

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The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has announced that it will provide technical assistance to the Government of Suriname as it prepares to invest in upgrading the water supply facilities in the districts of Nikerie, Paramaribo, Wanica and Para. The Government has a Water Supply Master Plan, which identifies the biggest threats to water sector in the country, and also recommends possible areas for development and expansion of the facilities. CDB will fund a study to help the Government advance the works proposed in the plan, and develop a technically viable, socially inclusive and climate-resilient water supply infrastructure in the four districts. The results of the study to be undertaken through CDB' technical assistance will also serve as a blueprint for institutional strengthening at the Suriname Water Company. Climate change has been identified as a major risk to water sources in Suriname. The study will include a detailed climate vulnerability assessment of the water system, the results of which will be incorporated into the water supply project design. With many women bearing the burden of water-related tasks in the household, an inclusive water infrastructure is fundamental to enhance gender equality. As such, the technical assistance will also include a social and gender assessment. In addition to a loan from CDB, resources for the study will be provided by the European Investment Bank' Grant Facility for Climate Action Support to CDB, and the Government of Suriname. The total cost of the technical assistance is USD834,000.

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