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Dominica's efforts to prepare a National Land Use Policy and a National Physical Development Plan are set to receive financial assistance from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The Bank's Board of Directors has approved a grant equivalent to USD280,000 to the Government of Dominica for this purpose. These two documents will provide the Government with a an explicit policy and physical planning framework that is conducive to long-term socio-economic development and improved management of the country's environment and natural resources. The proper management of land resources in Dominica is an integral component of national sustainable economic development planning and poverty reduction. The Government intends to adopt a participatory approach to the formulation of the National Land Use Policy and the National Physical Development Plan. This is in order to provide a coherent policy and framework to direct spatial development for economic and social development investments, and to protect the country's natural resources. In addition to developing the Policy and Plan, the project will include a public education and communication strategy to improve knowledge and understanding of the physical planning process and to garner support for the formulation and subsequent implementation of the land use policy and the physical development plan. The project will be executed by the Physical Planning Division of Dominica's Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Physical Planning and Fisheries. An expected outcome is improved capacity in the Division to manage technical and policy constraints to effective land use planning in a coordinated and structured manner. The Government of Dominica will contribute the equivalent of USD75,000 to the implementation of this project.

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