CDB to Fund Projects in Haiti

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July 30, 2008No. 18/08-BD NEWS RELEASE CDB TO FUND TWO PROJECTS IN HAITI Residents of targeted disadvantaged urban areas of Haiti are to benefit from USD4 million in grant financing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for a community-driven urban development project. The grant will provide resources to community-based organisations operating in these urban areas to design and implement sub-projects. The project is expected to help the Government of Haiti enhance basic social infrastructure such as potable water supply, community roads and markets, and services such as health and education to the residents. The project is also expected to improve the residents' income-generating opportunities. Approximately 2,000 jobs are to be created during implementation of the sub-projects. 650,000 persons are expected to benefit directly and indirectly during operations of the sub-projects, based on improved access to services and income-generating activities. This development would help to reduce poverty in these urban areas. The project seeks to improve the capacity of these community-based organisations in participatory development, accounting and financial management, and governance systems. It is an integral part of efforts by the Haitian Government to restore security, maintain political stability and foster sustainable development. CDB will also make a contribution of USD398,440 to a management development programme targeting owners of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Haiti. The programme, entitled Business Edge, consists of a set of management training services and products which focus on many of the functional and operational deficiencies in SMEs. The work modules and courses include Marketing, Human Resources, Production and Operations, Finance and Accounting and Productivity Skills. In Haiti, the programme will be delivered through interactive training seminars/workshops lasting from one to three days, and consisting of elements such as role-play and group discussions. Each training course will target a maximum of 25 persons. CDB is partnering with the World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation in this project. - END -

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