CDB Funding Aids Record Fish Production in Montserrat

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Two recent interventions by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in Montserrat have led to a record increase in the amount of fish landed on that island during 2013. According to reports, figures on 75 per cent of data collected and recorded for 2013, show that more than 87,000 pounds of fish landed on the island last year. This is the highest these figures have been in the past five years. Chief Fisheries Officer, Mr. Alwyn Ponteen is said to have attributed the increase in fish production to the financial support of the Government of Montserrat, and also to programmes funded by CDB. The Bank provided funding for a long line fish training project in 2010 and for a gar processing training programme in 2012. Assistance was also provided through CDB's Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), through a Construction of Caribbean fish trap Training Workshop. This was held in two phases. CAPTION: Chief Fisheries Officer, Mr. Alwyn Ponteen said gar can become to Montserrat and the Northeast Caribbean what Flying Fish has become to Barbados. (Image source:

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