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CDB launches new consulting services procurement course

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screenshot of slide from procurement course on CDB e-learning platform

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) continues to work with member countries to enhance public procurement practices in the Region, with the launch of the newest course on its e-Learning platform. 

The Course 2, ‘Procurement of Consulting Services’ is now available with modules focusing on procurement of consulting services, request for proposals, negotiations and contracts and contract management. 

The training is based on the new Procurement Framework for CDB-financed projects approved on or post January 2021. The framework reflects international best practice while catering to the unique needs of the Region.  

“This addition to our catalogue of courses support the Bank’s efforts to ensure value for money and efficiency are achieved on funded projects and associated development outcomes realised in a timely manner, while reducing fiduciary risk,” says Mr. Douglas Fraser, Head of Procurement, CDB

The course will be hosted on CDB’s e-Learning Platform and can be completed in approximately six (6) hours. Participants, however, can work at their own pace within an allotted two-week period. Certification is provided upon completion. It is currently open to personnel at executing agencies responsible for procurement planning or oversight activities, who are asked to contact their Supervising Officers to get registered. 

Registration closes on March 1, 2023. 

Over 114 persons from 15 countries have successfully completed Course 1, ‘Introduction to Procurement on CDB-Financed Projects’ which covers the Bank’s procurement processes. 

CDB is currently developing Course 3, which will deal with the ‘Procurement of Goods, Works, and Non-consulting Services on CDB-financed Projects’.