CDB Sponsors Awards Recognising Caribbean Child Researchers

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Ms. Rashida Byfield of Denbigh High, Jamaica is the 2013 recipient of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) sponsored Outstanding Caribbean Child Researcher Award presented by the Caribbean Child Research Conference (CCRC). Ms. Byfield's research topic was, "An Investigative Study of the ‘Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby' Phenomenon among Girls Age 16-17 in a Rural High School in Jamaica." She also received awards for best written paper, methodology and oral presentation. Fellow researcher, Mr. Rohan Smellie of St. Joseph High, Jamaica copped the award for Best Male Researcher, while Ms. Fredricka Bailey of Cavaliers All Age won the top prize in the essay competition on child rights focusing on the topic, "My Education Now and What I Would like It to Be." Awards were presented to the top 10 in the essay competition. The 8th Annual Caribbean Child Research Conference took place in November 2013 at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston. The Caribbean Child Research Conference is a Regional interdisciplinary conference held in Jamaica which provides a forum for child advocates, children, teachers, academicians, policy formulators and implementers, state and non-state actors to discuss the status of child rights, child welfare and child development in the Caribbean. The conference aims to share research on issues related to children, strengthen the network of researchers on children's issues, and encourage research in important but under researched areas. CAPTION: Awardees of the CDB sponsored Outstanding Child Researcher and Essay Competitions. CAPTIONS: 1. Essay Competition Winner, Ms. Fredricka Bailey (left) and Outstanding Caribbean Child Researcher Awardee, Ms. Rashida Byfield. 2. Best Male Researcher, Mr. Rohan Smellie.

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