News Release No. 37/12: Anguilla to get CDB Grant for Environmental Management Study

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Anguilla is looking to update its environmental and physical planning legislation to support the work required to address land use management, and to effectively address current environmental problems and emerging challenges such as climate change. It will get some assistance from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for this effort. CDB's Board of Directors has approved a technical assistance grant to the Government of Anguilla equivalent to USD245,812. These funds will be used to engage the services of consultants to develop and draft an integrated set of legislation and regulations. Other objectives are to strengthen coordination and collaboration among agencies responsible for environmental management, and to establish a more effective, transparent, inclusive and participatory environmental governance. CDB's resources will be used to finance the services of a legal consultant, an institutional specialist as well as public education and awareness consultants. This assistance is in keeping with the Bank's corporate strategic priority for environmental sustainability. The Government of Anguilla is currently preparing a Sustainable Tourism Master Plan with grant financing from CDB. The findings of the first stakeholder consultations held in March 2012, underscored the need for improved physical planning and strengthened environmental governance as critical for the further development of the industry. Tourism and offshore finance are the major contributors to Anguilla's economy.

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