Planning for the Integration of Climate Resilience in the Water Sector - Additional Funding and Revision in Scope
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African Caribbean Pacific – European Union – Caribbean Development Bank Natural Disaster Risk Management Project Planning for the Integration of Climate Resilience in the Water Sector in the Borrowing Member Countries of the Caribbean Development Bank.

The expected outcome of the Project is the development of climate resilient sector plans and investment programmes utilising the suite of tools and guidelines developed.  This will assist CDB in the preparation of an assessment method/tool for the water sector of its BMCs, hence determining the priority areas of intervention and investment, which should assist in the:  

(a)    reduction of vulnerability to long term impacts of natural hazards, including potential impacts of climate change, thereby achieving regional and national sustainable development and poverty reduction goals in BMCs of CDB; and
(b)    strengthening of regional, national and community level capacities, in taking a gender-responsive approach and at the community level of BMCs for mitigation, preparedness, management and coordinated responses to natural hazards and the effects of climate change.

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