Safety Nets for Vulnerable Populations Affected by Coronavirus- Saint Lucia
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By letter dated March 5, 2021, GOSL requested assistance from CDB to finance a project that would promote equitable cash transfers and the expansion of safety net services using the platforms of cash transfer programmes, and special transfers to persons directly affected by COVID-19. Additionally, support would be provided to vulnerable populations working in the informal sector who are not part of existing cash transfer programmes and feeding and nutritional support to the homeless and indigent sub-population. GOSL also requested support to promote equitable and inclusive learning continuity for vulnerable populations which is expected to contribute to improved student outcomes (the Project). Project appraisal was delayed due to capacity constraints in Saint Lucia. Challenges were experienced in collating the data/documentation needed to inform the project appraisal process and subsequent mission, as well as in presenting the revised proposal, which included the indicative allocation for the various project components.