Development Effectiveness Review 2019
A girl reads at a desk in school; two women work in the field; two fishermen sit in boats
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The 2019 Development Effectiveness Review (DER) is a comprehensive report on the performance of the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB’s) operations in relation to the results monitoring framework (RMF) of its 2015-2019 Strategic Plan. The four-level RMF is the central performance tool that allows CDB to translate its mandate and strategic plan into concrete actions and targets as well as tangible development outputs and outcomes.

The Report assesses the development trends, progress, and challenges across the Caribbean and, in particular, Borrowing Member Countries and looks at how CDB operations have contributed to their national, regional, and global development goals and commitments, including the Sustainable Development Goals. It also focuses on how efficiently and effectively CDB manages its operations.



Table of contents


Executive Summary


CDB’s Strategic Framework

Level 1: Inclusive and Sustainable Growth and Development

Level 2: Economic and Social Infrastructure Development

Level 3: Operational Processes and Practices and Portfolio Performance

Level 4: Capacity Utilisation

Conclusion and Lessons Learnt