Improving Competitiveness of Creative MSMEs Grant Call - Festivals & Carnivals
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CIIF is seeking proposals within the Carnival and Festivals industry for events that can fall under one of CIIF’s other four priority sub-sectors (fashion, visual arts, audiovisual [film, animation, gaming] and music) or within the literary, performing arts or culinary sub-sectors.

Projects should be collaborative, with partners from at least three countries from among CDB’s Borrowing Member Countries; sustainable in facilitating long term access by stakeholders to resources and continued growth of the initiative; and innovative by providing new models, opportunities or uses of technology for the industry or facilitating linkages between creative industries sub-sectors. CIIF is especially interested in Caribbean festivals that rove from country to country; multifaceted projects that include multiple income streams and training components as well as inter-sectoral linkages surrounding climate change, renewable energy or urban renewal for example; and projects that include archiving and new innovative models.

Projects are expected to:

• have already completed at least one edition of the festival

• address Emerging, Established or Export Ready practitioners.

Creative Enterprises are encouraged to partner with national, regional or international agencies to submit proposals.

To participate in this programme, practitioners are asked to read the call document and complete the online application form by May 30, 2020.

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