Moving the Caribbean Forward
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In 2017, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) launched a new public sector training programme - Public Policy Analysis and Management-Project Cycle Management (PPAM-PCM), to support the institutional reforms needed to enable more effective management of policy, programmes and projects in the Bank's Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs). The programme ran from 2017 until 2019, delivering in-person, in-country training to nearly 2000 public officers in all 19 of CDB's BMCs. This interactive publication traces the evolution and shares the impact of the programme.


Table of contents

Message from Vice-President (Operations)


Voice of the Participants

PPAM-PCM Journey at CDB

Delivering PPAM-PCM: The Regional Perspective

Delivering PPAM-PCM; The International Perspective

PPAM-PCM in Numbers

Results from PPAM-PCM

PPAM-PCM in action - TCI experience

PPAM-PCM in action - Haiti experience