2019 Special Development Fund Annual Report
A man with a red shirt and a blue apron working a green field; a girl with a yellow shirt writing on a chalkboard; a woman with a mainly yellow scarf and shirt smiling
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The Special Development Fund resources continued to be deployed in key areas of development for Borrowing Member Countries. These ranged from disaster response, to the provision of critical infrastructure that underpins efficient and socially inclusive growth.

Totalling $18.2 million (mn), overall commitments were less than in previous years. Loan approvals amounted to $10.5 mn in 2019, compared with $26.7 mn a year earlier.




Table of contents

Executive summary

Summary data sheet, 2015–2019

SDF 9 operational strategy


Operational performance of SDF 9 in 2019



   SDF 9 thematic and programme highlights

Reporting on SDF 9 results

Financial resources and programme levels

   Commitment authority

Financial performance and projections

   Financial results

   Notes, encashments and drawdowns

   Financial projections