Disaster Risk Management Intern

Application Deadline

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB/The Bank) is seeking to recruit a Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Intern in its Environmental Sustainability Unit.


The Environmental Sustainability Unit (ESU) provides advice and technical support services as well as develops, operationalises and provides technical oversight of the policies and strategies for environmental management, disaster risk management (DRM) and climate change (CC) resilience and is responsible for monitoring the Bank’s environmental performance requirements and to mainstream these areas across the operations of the Bank. ESU also designs, appraises and supervises discrete technical assistance programmes and projects in these areas. The Unit provides technical coordination of specialised initiatives and funds in environmental sustainability and develops knowledge products to support the integration of CC and DRM within the operations of the Bank and the projects undertaken by the borrowing member countries (BMCs). The work of the Unit is critical to achieving the Bank’s strategic objective of increasing environmental resilience in the BMCs. These countries are primarily small islands, developing and coastal states that are highly exposed and vulnerable to climate and disaster risks and impacts.

The intern will work with ESU and will focus on supporting the Unit to deliver on its DRM and climate resilience objectives.



Research Intern (Economics)

Application Deadline

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB/The Bank) is seeking to recruit a Research Intern (Economics) for the Economics Department.


The Economics Department is accountable for the formulation of country strategies to guide the Bank’s financial and Technical Assistance (TA) operations in the BMCs. It is also responsible for monitoring and analysis of economic, social and political developments in the BMCs; policy advice and reporting on relevant industrial sectors, social and environmental sectors; and training in economic management.

The Economics Department also undertakes research in areas related to economic development and geared towards enhancing knowledge in BMCs and provides support to deliver reliable, timely and relevant statistics and updates macroeconomic forecast to support country surveillance and policy design.


The CDB internship program is a work-based learning experience designed to provide current undergraduates, or recently graduated young professionals with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field of study or desired career and for CDB to gain support for its business and its existing employees while potentially discovering new talent and future leaders.

The Research Intern will be assigned to the Economics Department (ED) and will provide research assistance over a three-month period in an area of priority to the bank and its BMCs. The ED is currently undertaking research and analysis on the estimation of vulnerability and resilience conditions in BMCs. The research intern will be responsible for: assisting the vulnerability and resilience research team with collecting data and information and analyzing the data; assisting in the preparation of presentations, research reports or briefs; reviewing academic and policy literature on the topic under investigation; helping to manage the database of research literature and data and other relevant tasks as deemed necessary by the supervisor.


Secretariat Intern

Application Deadline

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB/The Bank) is seeking to recruit an Intern for its Secretariat Unit.


The Secretariat Unit provides the full range of secretarial services to the Bank, to ensure that CDB carries out its governance requirements in compliance with its Charter and Bylaws. The Unit is accountable for the planning execution and management of all meetings of the Board of Governors and Board of Directors, in addition to overseeing the meetings of the Committees of the Boards (the Boards) to ensure the activities of the constituent entities are conducted in accordance with existing policies, rules and procedures.


The position will report to the Manager, Secretariat Unit. It is expected that the Intern will enhance and streamline the Unit’s data management and Board management systems and processes to promote greater efficiency in the exchange of information between the Unit and its primary stakeholders, the Boards and staff. The Intern will benefit from mentoring and gain valuable CDB work experience.


Communications Intern

Application Deadline


The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB/The Bank) is seeking to recruit a Communications Intern for its Corporate Communications Unit.


The Corporate Communication Unit (CCU/the Unit) is primarily responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating the Bank’s communications programme to build and enhance its profile.  The Unit manages and maintains CDB’s communication channels, social media platforms, media relations, and leads on the development and dissemination of its information and knowledge products.  In addition, the Unit provides strategic advice and leadership to the Bank on internal and external communications, and external relations.


  • Assist in the development and execution of communications plans for assigned projects, including but not limited to research, analysis, recommendations, and reporting
  • Support the team in the creation of promotional materials, such as website content, blog posts, social media content, email campaigns, etc.
  • Help to maintain and update vendor databases and contact lists
  • Monitor competitor activity and industry trends, and share insights with the team
  • Assist with event planning and coordination, including logistics, on-site support, and follow-up
  • Manage inventory of communications collateral, placing orders as needed
  • Provide administrative support to the Corporate Communications team, as needed
  • Help to develop and track metrics to measure the effectiveness of communications campaigns
  • Conduct market research using a variety of methods, including surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc.
  • Prepare reports summarizing research findings
  • Perform data entry and other tasks as needed to support communications initiatives



Agriculture and Climate Change Intern

Application Deadline

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB/The Bank) is seeking to recruit an Agriculture Intern for the Social Sector Division of the Projects Department.


The Social Sector Division (SSD) of the Projects Department is responsible for project cycle management in education and training, human settlements (including sites and services), social protection, agriculture and rural development.  SSD also has responsibility for the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), a direct targeted, integrated community development programme focused on poverty reduction, which the Bank administers in ten (10) of its Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs).


The intern will be responsible for assisting the Social Sector Division (SSD) in finalising a Concept Note – for submission to the Adaptation Fund - for a Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) project targeting stakeholders in Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Barbados.

The specific tasks will include:

  • Conducting research on climate change impacts on the agriculture sector in the target countries;
  • Reviewing existing literature and project documents related to climate change adaptation strategies for the agriculture sector in the Caribbean;
  • Drafting sections of the Concept Note related to climate change impacts and adaptation strategies for small-scale farmers in the target countries;
  • Participating in meetings and consultations with stakeholders and partners; and
  • Providing general support to the SSD in agriculture as needed.

The intern will be assessed on the quality and timeliness of their deliverables, as well as their ability to work effectively with the staff of the SSD and other stakeholders.


Climate Change and Finance Intern

Application Deadline

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB/The Bank) is seeking to recruit a Climate Change and Finance Intern for its Environmental Sustainability Unit.


The intern will work with the Environmental Sustainability Unit (ESU) in the Projects Department. Among other responsibilities, the ESU coordinates CDB’s overall climate change-related support to Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs). This includes support to mobilise, effectively utilise and track flows of climate finance for programmes and projects that enable BMCs to invest in climate-resilient and low-emissions infrastructure and development pathways. This is an important and growing area of work for CDB, and will be the primary focus of the internship.


The objective of the internship is to strengthen and supplement CDB’s capacity to effectively support BMCs in the areas of climate change and climate finance. In particular, the intern will support the following specific areas of work:

  • Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme: The intern will assist the CDB Climate Finance Specialist to oversee and manage the implementation of approved GCF readiness projects. This will include assisting with the supervision of external consultants to ensure they produce technical deliverables in a timely manner and in accordance with high quality standards, and ensuring CDB fulfils its obligations as the GCF Delivery Partner for these projects (e.g. progress and financial reporting) in accordance with the agreed implementation plans.
  • GCF programmes and projects: The intern will assist the CDB Climate Change Specialist (in coordination with the CDB Climate Finance Specialist) with the preparation of one programme or project proposal that the Bank is developing for submission to the GCF. The Climate Change Specialist will work with the intern during the initial stages of her/his assignment to identify the proposal (among those already being developed by CDB) in which the intern is most interested and to which she/he can make the greatest possible contribution during the internship.
  • Climate finance tracking: The intern will assist the CDB Climate Finance Specialist to ensure the Bank’s climate finance tracking methodology is systematically applied to all new programmes and projects appraised by the Bank. The intern will therefore familiarise herself/himself with the methodology (which is used by Multilateral Development Banks) and assist CDB Project Coordinators/Supervisors to apply it during project appraisal.
  • Climate Change TA projects: The intern will assist ESU to identify leads and opportunities for new projects and finance to further the work of the Bank to support BMCs national adaptation plans and national determined contributions.
  • Other ESU tasks as required: The intern may be requested to provide other support to the ESU on an as-needed basis.


Procurement Intern

Application Deadline

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB/The Bank) is seeking to recruit a Procurement Intern for its Procurement Policy Unit.


The Procurement Policy Unit (PPU) is charged with oversight responsibility for ensuring the relevance of, and compliance with, the Bank’s guidelines, policies, and procedures which govern the procurement of goods, works, and services and disbursements under CDB financed projects. Support is extended to both internal and external clients.


The intern would be exposed to the procurement work that the unit conducts and would be expected to support:

  • The publication of procurement opportunities on CDB financed projects and to review private sector inquiries with the intern being able to review and publish procurement notices independently by the end of their time with PPU;
  • The review of and support to the design of procurement arrangements on at least 2 technical assistance and 1 capital project;
  • Assist with procurement reviews on on-going CDB project with at least 2 specific cases to be assigned to the intern for feedback to senior procurement operations officer;
  • The management of procurement reform technical assistance projects being supported by CDB and would be assigned to assist the coordination of CDB inputs into at least one country;
  • The administration and reporting on CDB’s online procurement training courses; and
  • The development of at least two (2) procurement publicity stories in coordination with the Corporate Communication Unit.


Sustainable Energy Intern

Application Deadline

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB/The Bank) is seeking to recruit an Intern for its Sustainable Energy Unit.

The Economic Infrastructure Division (EID) is responsible for project cycle activities from project identification through implementation, associated with infrastructure projects in the areas of sustainable energy, transportation, water and sanitation. Post-disaster response is also the responsibility of EID.  Within EID, the Sustainable Energy Unit (SEU) is responsible for all the projects in areas of renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, and electricity system infrastructure.

The Intern will support the work of SEU through conducting relevant research, and development of technical notes, papers and thought pieces for publication.  The support will also set basis for the SEU to fully contribute to the energy dimension of a CDB’s knowledge hub being developed.

The candidate must be enrolled in, at a minimum, a Bachelor’s programme in an accredited tertiary level educational institution or a recent graduate from at a minimum, a Bachelor’s programme (not more than 12 months) in Natural or Applied Sciences (including Environmental Studies/Engineering, Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry)

Sustainable Energy Specialist

Application Deadline

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB/the Bank) is seeking to recruit a strong professional to assume the role of Sustainable Energy Specialist, Sustainable Energy Unit, Economic Infrastructure Division. The successful candidate will be based at CDB’s office in St. Michael, Barbados.

Sustainable Energy Specialists fulfil the function of operations officers who are collectively responsible for the identification of potential capital projects and TA interventions for inclusion in the Bank’s pipeline. Project preparation, appraisal, and implementation supervision activities account for a significant portion of the responsibilities of the position.

The Sustainable Energy Specialist is accountable for due diligence, probity, and professional excellence in the discharge of the position’s key responsibilities. He/she is expected to stay abreast of advances in the electricity sector and sustainable energy development in general, identify areas for improvement of operational policy, procedure, and practice, “lessons learned” and best practices to support project development activities and project performance assessments.

The Sustainable Energy Specialist will monitor developments and trends in electric power systems policies and operations, especially as related to the transition to increased integration of renewable energy, electricity system modernization, and resilience.  He/she will work directly with clients to contribute to the achievement of their development priorities, relating to the electricity/ sustainable sectors, and the Bank’s strategic objectives.

Communications Officer, EU-CARIFORUM Standby Facility

Application Deadline

The Communications Officer (CO) reports to the Project Manager (PM), EU-CARIFORUM Standby Facility and works proactively with the EU-CARIFORUM Standby Facility team and country- level subproject teams to capture and share knowledge, and disseminate information about major progress and results. The CO must to ensure communications strategies, media relations and organisational outreach efforts are aligned with the corporate communications policy of CDB, EU Visibility and CARIFORUM Visibility Guidelines. He/she plays a key role in documenting the success of Standby Facility-supported interventions, providing evidence of impact and demonstrating good value for money as well as for sharing best practices and lessons learned.