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Role/Service Sectors & Themes Country Type Deadline
Country Strategy and Programme Evaluations Other Multisector Regional Consultancy
Climate Vulnerability Assessment Education Saint Lucia Consultancy
Design and Construction Supervision of Five (5) Primary Schools Education Dominica Consultancy
Assessment of Current Special Needs Education Provision Education Saint Lucia Consultancy
Social and Gender Specialist Reconstruction Relief and Rehabilitation Antigua and Barbuda Consultancy
Development of a Climate-Resilient and Gender-Responsive Education Sector Plan Education Dominica Consultancy
Design Review, Engineering Services and Construction Supervision Education Saint Lucia Consultancy
Strengthening of Health and Family Life Education Curriculum Education Guyana Consultancy
Detailed Designs and Costings for a New Special Needs Facility and Transitional Education Centre Education Saint Lucia Consultancy
Construction Supervision Water and Sanitation Grenada Consultancy