The Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF) was established in 2017 with an initial USD2.6 million in capitalisation from the Caribbean Development Bank. It is intended to be a multi-donor fund, which will support the development of the creative industries (CI) sector in the Caribbean. CIIF’s goal is to enable the region’s cultural and creative industries to be globally competitive.

The CIIF provides grant funding for innovative projects within the creative industries sector. These projects should be focused on:

  • supporting the enabling environment for the development of the creative industry
  • improving the quality and dissemination of research on the CI sector
  • enhancing or creating data intelligence or data collection methods in ways that can move the sector forward and;
  • enhancing the technical capacity of creative entrepreneurs.

Projects must demonstrate a significant measure of innovation, collaboration and sustainability.


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Governments, Business Support Organisations, Universities, Non-Governmental Organisations and Creative Enterprises from all sectors can apply. However, CIIF has five priority sub-sectors. These include:
1.    Fashion
2.    Visual Arts
3.    Audio-visual (Film, Animation, Gaming)
4.    Festivals and Carnivals
5.    Music


How to Apply

Applications are currently closed however, once re-opened applicants should note the following information.

There are three grant streams available under CIIF – Enabling Environment, Data Intelligence, and Improved Competitiveness of Creative MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises). Potential applicants should first review the selection criteria to help them determine which stream would best suit their projects. Applicants are required to complete the specific application form for the grant for which they are applying.

Download CIIF Booklet for selection criteria.



CIIF currently awards funding via calls for proposals/applications for the following sub-sectors: Visual Arts, Music, Fashion and Contemporary Design, Audio Visual (Film and Animation) and Festival and Carnivals. At present, CIIF does not have any calls for applications open.



There are ongoing opportunities and calls for participation in grant projects under implementation. There will also be opportunities for participation in online training programmes and access to knowledge resources under our Community of Practice portfolio.

Please do subscribe to our databases to learn more about upcoming initiatives that may be of interest.  Any additional resources that may become available through CIIF or our partners will also be shared via our CIIF Databases. Kindly see the information below. 


Join our database via the link below in order to receive updates on the Fund and resources being offered. Please share this link widely with your colleagues and databases.  

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Subscribe to our Consultant's Directory: If you are an experienced practitioner with at least 5 years’ experience in consulting, you are invited to apply to our CIIF Consultant's Directory. Subscribers are considered for CIIF consultancies relevant to their qualifications and experience.  

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The Team

Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Fund



Ms. Malene Joseph
Consulting Project Assistant, CIIF

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