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Procurement Guidelines

These guidelines govern project procurement but do not apply to procurement undertaken by CDB in its own right.

Resources related to projects financed by CDB after November 1, 2019 can be found here.

Disbursement Guidelines

With effect from 1st January, 2019 disbursements under new loans and grants financed by CDB shall be subjected to the provisions of the Disbursement Guidelines for CDB-financed Projects (January 2019). These guidelines shall replace the Withdrawal of Proceeds of Loans. For further support please contact the Procurement Policy Unit Claims Team (claimsteam@caribank.org).



Monetary thresholds which determine the most efficient method of procurement to be used in the procurement of goods and works under CDB-financed projects have been set for each of its Borrowing Member Countries by the Bank. These thresholds will be amended from time to time as necessary.

Procurement Templates

Consultancy Services Notices

Goods and Works Notices

Standard Bidding Documents for Goods and Works

Standard Request for Proposals

Recipients must include the relevant form of contract in section 8 of the Standard Request for Proposals. For Contracts under approximately US$150,000 the simplified form of contract can be used, and above this value either the “large” lump sum, or the time-based form of contract can be used. 

Standard Form of Agreement for Consultancy Services Provided by UN Agencies

These standard form of agreements should be used by Recipients of CDB financing when utilising UN agencies expertise in the execution of specific projects.

Evaluation Reports

CDB does not have mandatory evaluation report templates, but the following evaluation report templates/guidance for goods and works, as well as consultancy services provide a structured way for Recipients to report on the evaluation process and also provide guidance on the evaluation process. The goods and works evaluation template is designed for ICB procurements but can be amended for NCB.

Contract Awards

Once contracts are awarded under CDB projects, except for individual consultants, the correct template should be completed by the Recipient and submitted to CDB for publication on the CDB website.